Thursday, November 14, 2019

Unable to Open RAR Files in Windows 10?

Unable to Open RAR Files in Windows 10?

A RAR file is a compressed file that contains one or more other files and folders inside. It is kind of a folder on your computer that contains more than one file inside. And the purpose of the RAR file is to compress and organize the data. But you need special software to access the RAR file on your system. You cannot use the Windows 10 folder structure to open the RAR files. 

What are the RAR files used for?

Most probably you’ll run into the RAR files only when you’re downloading a piece of software from the internet. Or you are using a file-sharing website who usually put their contents into a RAR file to save time on downloads. For easier transmission, some RAR files are split into two or three parts. RAR files can also be used as a means to transport important data with encryption. RAR files also support password protection to make sure that the data of the folder is safe and secure.
However, most RAR files don’t have a password on them if they contain images, videos, or simple documents. You can also use RAR files to send some important data to your friend using the internet. 
Now, you might be wondering how to open rar files windows 10 or how you can use them. Well, let’s get to that right away.

How to Open RAR Files on Windows 10

Windows don’t have an inbuilt software to open RAR files without any hiccup. If you try to open the RAR files on your Windows 10 computer, you’ll get a message Windows cannot open this file.
It is actually a native file format of an archiver program called WinRAR. But, the bad part is that it is not free, you have to purchase it to use it. However, you can install the WinRAR trial version and use it for some time.
  • Go to the WinRAR official website and click on the download button.
  • Install it on your system following on-screen instructions. The Installation process of the RAR files is basic, you’ll be able to install it pretty quickly.
  • Now, you will be able to open the RAR files without any hiccup.
If you still encounter any errors, you can download an alternative to WinRAR. This will fix RAR file problems in Windows 10 operating system. There are plenty of alternates software available on the market, search for the best one and download it.

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