Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Ways To Avoid Getting In Facebook Jail And If Blocked, How To Get Rid Of Facebook Jail?

Sometimes, Facebook users find themselves in Facebook Jail, without even knowing the reasons for getting blocked. Therefore, for all such users, we come out with this blog to help you understand the concept of Facebook Jail and how you can avoid getting yourself in Facebook Jail. So, continue reading this blog further to know the same:

Facebook Jail is a kind of punishment given to all those Facebook users who violate Facebook terms of service, posting guidelines, rules, and regulations, etc.

Basically, Facebook blocks the ability or power of a user to perform any Facebook activity (like posting or commenting) on the platform. And, as a punishment, Facebook can disable a Facebook account for a few hours, 3 Days, 6 Days, for a week or maybe permanently. However, you can save yourself from getting in Facebook Jail if you avoid the followings—

  • Avoid posting bad, offensive, or inappropriate content on Facebook as it is considered a serious offense on Social media.

  • Avoid plagiarizing the copyright content to post on your Facebook profile.

  • Avoid sending friend requests to too many people at a time.

  • Avoid running multiple Facebook accounts with your name as one account is allowed per user.

  • Avoid tagging anonymous people on Facebook and try to tag only your real Facebook friends.

  • Avoid spamming or behaving like a Spammer for the fact that ‘Spamming’ is known as an inappropriate activity.

  • Avoid commenting and liking other Facebook user’s posts too much.

  • Also avoid posting too quickly on Facebook and instead only post 6 posts in a day by giving some gaps between each post.

  • Lastly, read ‘Facebook Terms and conditions’ as well as ‘Facebook Policies’ to understand how Facebook actually works in order to make use of the site properly.

However, if you still find yourself in Facebook Jail after being blocked by Facebook then, in order to get out from Facebook Jail you’ve to follow the below-mentioned steps to send an appeal to Facebook:

  • In order to send an appeal to Facebook to unblock your disabled account, first you need to open your preferred browser.

  • From your browser navigate to the ‘My Facebook account has been disabled’ page.

  • On the page, click on the option that reads—‘If you think your account was disabled by mistake, please submit an appeal.’

  • Then, wait till an appeal form appears in front of you, and once the form pops-up; simply open it in order to fill it with all the necessary and required details.

  • After you’re done with entering the details like your username, phone number, and email address, Facebook will ask your identity proof.

  • To give an identity proof to Facebook, you need to upload a picture of yours, and to do so, click on the option of ‘Choose files.’

  • Then, select the option of ‘Pictures’ and from there, select one of your pictures and click on ‘Open’ to upload the same finally.

  • Now, as the last step, click on the ‘Send’ option to submit your filled appeal form in front of Facebook to recover your disabled Facebook account.

That’s it! This is how you can avoid getting yourself in Facebook Jail as well as how you can get yourself out of Facebook Jail if blocked by any chance.

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