Tuesday, June 9, 2020

How Do You Fix the Disappearing Cursor on Google Chrome

Many time Windows 10 users have faced a very irritating problem related to their mouse pointer or cursor. They reported that their mouse pointer sometimes disappears on Windows 10 all of a sudden when they open their PC or update it from previous versions.

If you’re also one of them users and you don’t know how you’re fictitious to fix this Mouse pointer disappears in chrome, don’t panic! We’re here to help you through this guide without using the mouse. You must be wondering how you can solve a “mouse pointer disappears” problem without using mouse right! Yes, it’s possible and without wasting more time let’s read how to fix this issue. There are 2 ways to do so:

Method 1: If the Mouse Pointer Disappears in Windows 10, Then try “Re-Enable Mouse”

·         Option 1:
a.      Go to mouse setting and press the Window key on keyboard.
b.      There when you type “Mouse”, in the menu above “Mouse settings” will appear.
Mouse Settings

c.       On your keyboard, you have to press the “Up and Down arrow” to highlight the setting. After that hit enter.
d.      Then you have to press “Tab” until and unless “Additional mouse options” becomes highlighted and then hit enter to select.
mouse cursor disappears chrome

e.      In the next “Mouse Properties window” again press “Tab” so that the “Buttons” tab in the window highlights.
Mouse Properties Window

f.        Then, you need to press the right arrow key to open “Device settings
Mouse Cursor Device Settings

g.      There check if your device is disabled or not, if disabled press “Tab  to highlight the “Enable” button and hit enter to finally re-enable the device.
mouse cursor disappears chrome

h.      If this method works, you’ll soon be able to see your mouse pointer or cursor again.

·         Option 2:
a.      In this case, you don’t have to go to mouse settings. If you’re using your laptop, you can try fixing the problem by pressing key combinations on your laptop’s keyboard to turn off/on your mouse.
b.      To do the same, press “Fn, F3F5F9 or F11” key combination or you can also take help from your laptop manual.

Method 2: Mouse Pointer Disappears Because Of Outdated Mouse Drivers So try “Update Mouse Driver”

·         To update your outdated mouse driver, download and install “Driver Easy”.
·         After this process completed, “Run Driver Easy” and then click on the “Scan Now” button.
cursor disappears in chrome

·         Doing this will let Driver Easy, scan your PC to detect any issue related to drivers.
·         After the detection process finished, click on the “Update All” button (which is next to the mouse driver) to automatically download the driver to your PC. After this way, you can install the right version of those drivers who are missing or outdated.  
mouse pointer disappears

Done! Above steps fix cursor disappears in chrome problem.

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