Tuesday, August 18, 2020

How to Recover Your Facebook Account When Can't log in?

There are times when you, as a Facebook user, have faced login issues with your account that won’t let you sign in. Though, the situation seems quite frustrating as Facebook is the most preferred social site that 2 billion people from all over the world use for connecting with their family, friends, and colleagues, etc. But, there’s nothing to worry much, you can fix this problem quite quickly as there are effective solutions available for the same. Considering the same fact in mind, here in this blog, we’ve mentioned the most effective ways to regain access to your account by eradicating the login issues completely. So, have a look:

Solution 1: Check the Facebook-Server Status:

A faulty server of the Facebook social networking site can also lead to Facebook login issues so, ensure at the first place, whether there’s a server issue or not. And, to do so, perform these steps—

  • Visit the website ‘Downforeveryoneorjustme.com’ from your web browser, and once you reach there, put the cursor in the ‘Search Text Box’ to type ‘Facebook.com’ in it.

  • Then, press the ‘Enter’ button to know the status of the Facebook website. That’s it! If it is down then, contact the local administrator for help so that you can recover your account access back. And, if it is not down, then move on to the next given solution. 

The Next factor that leads toFacebook login issuesis that you might forget the password and just attempting to log in to your account using the wrong password. Therefore, instead of worrying about how to login to the Facebook account, try recovering your Facebook account using the ‘Facebook account recovery methods: Registered Phone Number, Security Question, or Trusted Contact.’ 

Solution: Reset/Change Facebook Password:

  • From your browser, visit the Facebook login page and on the page, enter your Facebook username.

  • Then, simply click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link to reach on the next page.

  • There, all you have to do is select ‘I’ll answer my security question’ as your recovery method.

  • Then, answer the security question correctly to reach on the next ‘Password Reset Page.’

  • On the page, you have to enter a new password for your Facebook account as well as re-enter the same to confirm the new password.

  • Now, recover your account by simply log in to the same using the newly created password.

Note: You can use the same solution for recovering your hacked/compromised Facebook account!

Also, one more possible factor that denies you to log in to your Facebook account is that Facebook temporarily disables your account for violating its ‘Rules and Regulations’ as well as ‘Terms and Conditions.’ So, in this case, you can re-enable/recover your Facebook account by submitting an appeal in front of Facebook. And, here’s how you can do so—

  • Visit the ‘My personal account was disabled’ page and there, provide your contact information that you’ve used during the Facebook sign up.

  • Then, provide your username along with uploading a passport-size photograph of yours as the identification proof.

  • After that, click on ‘Send Appeal’ to finally send an appeal to Facebook to recover your Facebook disabled account within 5-20 days approximately.

That’s how you can troubleshoot ‘can’t log in to Facebook account’ issue easily to recover your Facebook account!