Monday, January 4, 2021

How to Recover Your SBCglobal Mail Password?

How to Recover Your SBCglobal Mail Password
SBCglobal is a big name in the emailing world. It offers its users great features with an easy to use interface. 

In case you ever forget your mail password, we bring you a couple of ways by which you can access your account by recovering your mail account password.

You can recover your SBCglobal login password using the two methods given below;

  1. Using security question

  • Click on this visit the SBCglobal find your password page.

  • Now enter the correct login credentials for your account and tick the mark on the "I am not a robot" box. Press on continue.

  • From the next window, click on the “I’ll answer my security question” option out of all the given recovery options.

  • Answer the security question and press continue.

  • Once the mail platform verifies your answer with the one that you wrote at the time of setting your security question. If it matches, the site will allow you to create a new password to will grant access to the SBCglobal email account.

  • Once you’ve done it all, you will receive the confirmation of your password change.

  1. Temporary passwords

  • Quite similar to the process above, enter your login credentials and choose the “send me a temporary password” option out of all the other methods.

  • After this, enter a mail address where you can receive this temporary password.

  • Now, enter the temporary password on the password page to gain access to your account. Make sure to change it and enter a new and better one.

For additional info, visit the SBCglobal helpline that is available at all times. 

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